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Have a Holiday HVAC To-Do List? Let the Coop Help You Get a Head Start


One of the things I like best about this time of year is entertaining friends and family. If you’re like me, you’ve already begun planning family get-togethers, neighborhood parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations. And, if you’re like me, you might be a bit of a procrastinator (you know who you are!). Despite our big plans, we procrastinators tend to wait until the last second to address things we’ve been talking about doing since the last holiday season. […]

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Get Ready for Winter with the Coop


Leaves are changing, days are getting shorter, Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. You may have even lit a fire once or twice already. But wait – have you winterized your home yet? Winterizing your home is quick and easy to do, but it’s critically important to schedule boiler replacements in Doylestown and other winterization tasks before temperatures start plummeting. Listen to the Coop: take the time now to complete the following list and you can rest easy all winter long! […]

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Your Maintenance Agreement is More Valuable Than You Think


Think HVAC maintenance is more expensive and time-consuming than it’s worth? Think again. The Coop is here to explain the importance of your HVAC maintenance agreement. Imagine the shock of coming home to find your house filled with smoke. Panicked, you usher your pets out and call the fire department. Oddly, you don’t see any flames, but the smoke must be coming from somewhere. When the fire department arrives, they search your house for the source of the smoke, only to discover the problem: it’s your boiler. An obstructed vent has forced oil to build up in the combustion chamber, producing [...]

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Got a Home Improvement Wishlist? Let Cooper Help!


It’s been a wonderful summer. You’ve had lots of parties, family gatherings and get-togethers with neighbors. The garden has been bountiful, and maybe you finally splurged on that pool you’ve always wanted. But home ownership is never perfect! There are always things that need to be fixed and updated or that could be made more convenient. The problem is that once summer ends, you forget the things that bugged you, and then you’re frustrated that you didn’t do anything about it once the next summer is upon you. […]

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Save on Your Energy Bills With Smart Thermostats


You may have noticed by now that the bulk of your energy bills come from heating and cooling, which can leave you tearing your hair out at the end of the month. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Cooper Mechanical, we’re committed to finding you the most cost-effective heating and cooling systems for your home, and we’ve already saved our customers plenty of money with expert HVAC installation in Bucks County and beyond. Right now, one of our favorite solutions is the fairly recent technology of Wi-Fi thermostats. In addition to being intuitive and user-friendly, high-tech thermostats give [...]

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An Unexpected Source of Asthma Symptoms—And How to Fix It


Got asthma? You’re not alone—over 26 million Americans suffer from the chronic respiratory condition, experiencing unpleasant symptoms like wheezing and other breathing difficulties. Cooper Mechanical’s go-to expert, the Coop, is here to give you all the facts on how to beat asthma symptoms with a few simple changes to your home. As you might have become uncomfortably aware during this pollen-heavy spring and summer, warmer weather often brings on worsening asthma symptoms. Summer is supposed to be when you enjoy your time outdoors, but you find yourself hiding inside from the terrible air quality index. And even being indoors doesn’t seem [...]

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You Might Be Ready for a Geothermal System and Not Even Realize It


In 2013, National Geographic published an article about the top myths surrounding geothermal heating and cooling systems. If you missed it, you might not know all the facts surrounding geothermal central air systems. Geothermal heating and cooling from Cooper Mechanical is much more cost-effective and convenient than you might believe. Read on—you might have a very different point of view by the end of this post. They’re Less Expensive in the Long Run Geothermal heating and cooling systems have a reputation for being expensive.  It’s true that the initial cost of installing a geothermal heating and cooling system is higher than [...]

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Are You Getting the Most From Your Air Conditioning Unit?


If your air conditioning system seems like it isn’t doing its job correctly, don’t wait to fix it. You deserve an efficient air conditioning system that keeps you cool and comfortable all summer long. Take a moment to consider these common air conditioning issues that might be preventing you from getting the most out of your cooling system. If any of these sound like they might be the case, it’s time to call Cooper Mechanical. […]

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