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Save on Your Energy Bills With Smart Thermostats


You may have noticed by now that the bulk of your energy bills come from heating and cooling, which can leave you tearing your hair out at the end of the month. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Cooper Mechanical, we’re committed to finding you the most cost-effective heating and cooling systems for your home, and we’ve already saved our customers plenty of money with expert HVAC installation in Bucks County and beyond. Right now, one of our favorite solutions is the fairly recent technology of Wi-Fi thermostats. In addition to being intuitive and user-friendly, high-tech thermostats give [...]

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An Unexpected Source of Asthma Symptoms—And How to Fix It


Got asthma? You’re not alone—over 26 million Americans suffer from the chronic respiratory condition, experiencing unpleasant symptoms like wheezing and other breathing difficulties. Cooper Mechanical’s go-to expert, the Coop, is here to give you all the facts on how to beat asthma symptoms with a few simple changes to your home. As you might have become uncomfortably aware during this pollen-heavy spring and summer, warmer weather often brings on worsening asthma symptoms. Summer is supposed to be when you enjoy your time outdoors, but you find yourself hiding inside from the terrible air quality index. And even being indoors doesn’t seem [...]

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