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It’s a New Year! Have You Called For Your HVAC Maintenance Yet?


Sunlight gently filters into your bedroom as you awake on New Year’s morning. You yawn and stretch, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and onto the floor. Even though it’s thirty degrees outside, your room is nice and toasty thanks to your heater. Just as your toes are warming up, you’re hit with the sinking realization: You haven’t called for your HVAC maintenance! Every year, we call our customers who have preventative maintenance agreements with us to schedule an appointment to tune up their heating and cooling equipment. But sometimes, all the other little things in life just [...]

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Want More Energy Savings this Winter? A Heat Pump Can Help


Now that the weather is colder, our customers’ thoughts have turned to keeping their homes warm and toasty. We’ve received numerous phone calls from homeowners interested in learning about the newest trends in heating systems. This year, many of them are looking for information on heat pumps, because they’ve heard about their energy-efficient and cost-effective benefits. Well, they’ve heard correctly! Particularly if you have electrical, propane or oil heat, a heat pump can bring you plenty of savings this year and for many more to come. I thought it might be helpful if I briefly outlined how a heat pump system [...]

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US Builders Review Tells the World About Cooper


This year, Cooper Mechanical turned 40 (although we’ll leave it to you to guess how old the Coop is). Our 40th year in business has been a cause for celebration in more ways than one. Throughout the year, our customers and peers alike have honored us with countless reminders that not only have we worked hard to establish a plumbing, heating & cooling company that offers superior heating repair, AC installation, expert plumbing and the like in Bucks County, but we have also become an entrenched member of our community. Most of our customers enlist our help year after year, and [...]

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The Mighty Benefits of Mini Splits


When it gets painfully hot outside--especially in August--I tend to think about all the people who have spent the summer sweating it out because they think it’s impossible to install air conditioning in their homes.  I’ve spoken to many customers who have given up on regulating the temperature in their “hard-to-cool, hard-to-heat” family room, bedroom, office, you name it—and literally stopped using them because the room’s temperature was too uncomfortable.  What a waste of real estate! What’s more, chances are there is a way to give them the comfort they’re looking for at a reasonable price – they’re just not aware [...]

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Another Happy Customer, a Very Happy Coop—All Thanks to a “Green” HVAC System


I’m a pretty good-natured guy, but I still love the boost I get from hearing that customers have had a positive experience with Cooper Mechanical.  The other day, I received a note from one of our customers that was particularly heartwarming.  I’d like to share their story with you. Last year, we were approached by a really great young family from Doylestown. Their 60-year-old house was outfitted with an oil-based system that they hated—really hated. They were tired of the hassles of dealing with home oil suppliers, they said, and they disliked the lingering smell of oil and the extra dirt [...]

Another Happy Customer, a Very Happy Coop—All Thanks to a “Green” HVAC System2020-11-23T20:27:59+00:00

Don’t Spoil Your Summer—Replace Your Broken AC System!


Ahh, summer! Picnics, pool parties, trips to the shore and entertaining outdoors.  After another pleasantly long day of playing and lounging in the sun, you return to a cool and comfortable home. The weather is perfect, but then a hot spell comes along, and the unthinkable happens – your AC breaks down.  Summer’s idyll has been interrupted by a scramble to call your local HVAC company and get your system fixed fast. We see that scenario frequently here at Cooper Mechanical.  When customers call us to fix their older equipment, we often give them two prices – one to fix and [...]

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An Old House Meets New AC Technology, With A Little Help from the Coop


I was standing in line at the supermarket a few weeks ago and struck up a conversation with the lady behind me about how great it felt to finally get some warm, sunny weather. She told me that her name was Iris, and agreed that the weather was a relief from a cold, wet spring. But she also mentioned that she likes to shop during the heat of the day because the AC feels so good in the store. Curious, I asked if her AC was broken—after all, in 2016, doesn’t everybody have air conditioning? “Oh no,” she said, “I’ve never [...]

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The Coop’s Checklist for a Cool and Comfortable Summer


Every year, lots of customers ask me what they should do to put their heating systems to bed and to prepare their plumbing and AC systems for spring and summer.  I’ve decided to be proactive this year and give you some tips so that you can be proactive, too. By taking steps to keep your systems operating properly, you’ll be all set to enjoy the season – without making any emergency maintenance calls. Once the outside temperature is comfortable, turn off the heat and open the windows. Enjoy the fresh air (and lower utility bills) until it’s too hot. Some of [...]

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Give Yourself a Graduation Present With a Home Remodel


The other day, my wife and I received a letter from my son’s university advising us of the school’s plans during graduation weekend, coming up in May. I can’t even put into words the excitement we felt as we talked about this momentous occasion. Then, we discussed the graduation party we’ll be hosting to celebrate our son’s achievement. We had a ball making our guest list and talking invitations, decorations, food, drinks and music. And then, of course, we talked about all the home improvement projects that need to be completed in time for graduation. […]

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Roses Not Your Thing? The Coop Has Your Perfect Valentine’ Day Surprise


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and every year around this time, the airwaves are full of commercials promoting a dozen roses, chocolate candy, perfume, you name it — all sold at a premium price. I don’t know about you, but that annoys me! I don’t consider myself cheap, but I don’t like to feel ripped off, either. I’d rather spend my hand-earned dollars on a gift with lasting value. Chocolate is a nice idea, but shouldn’t Valentine’s Day leave you with something more than empty candy wrappers? […]

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