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The Mighty Benefits of Mini Splits


When it gets painfully hot outside--especially in August--I tend to think about all the people who have spent the summer sweating it out because they think it’s impossible to install air conditioning in their homes.  I’ve spoken to many customers who have given up on regulating the temperature in their “hard-to-cool, hard-to-heat” family room, bedroom, office, you name it—and literally stopped using them because the room’s temperature was too uncomfortable.  What a waste of real estate! What’s more, chances are there is a way to give them the comfort they’re looking for at a reasonable price – they’re just not aware [...]

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Another Happy Customer, a Very Happy Coop—All Thanks to a “Green” HVAC System


I’m a pretty good-natured guy, but I still love the boost I get from hearing that customers have had a positive experience with Cooper Mechanical.  The other day, I received a note from one of our customers that was particularly heartwarming.  I’d like to share their story with you. Last year, we were approached by a really great young family from Doylestown. Their 60-year-old house was outfitted with an oil-based system that they hated—really hated. They were tired of the hassles of dealing with home oil suppliers, they said, and they disliked the lingering smell of oil and the extra dirt [...]

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