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Good Things Come in Small Packages


Lately, I’ve received numerous phone calls from people asking for information on mini-split heating & cooling systems.  Usually, their curiosity has been piqued because they’ve talked to somebody who recently had a mini-split installed in their home or office and can’t stop saying great things about them. I can relate because I installed two mini-splits in my own home a few years ago.  Once my kids graduated from high school and went on to college, my wife and I decided to reclaim the finished basement and transform it into more of an adult space with a movie room and an entertainment [...]

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Family Fun that’s Good for You in More Ways than One


You’ve heard this story before – you may even have personal experience.  After a cold, gray winter, spring-time seems exceptionally beautiful.  You marvel at the magnificent blooms and lush greenery.  You say to yourself “this year, I’m finally going to plant a vegetable garden and enjoy Mother Nature’s delicious bounty. “  You’re so committed, you decide to make it a family project.  You choose the perfect location on your property, you prepare the bed and purchase organic topsoil, perfect for planting fruits and vegetables.  You even build a fence around the garden so unwelcome critters can’t taste-taste your tender plants. What [...]

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