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The Coop’s Guide to Minimizing Seasonal Allergies and Asthma


Have you ever wondered why allergies seem to get worse as summer fades into fall?  There’s a good reason.  August brings warm days and cooler nights – the perfect trigger for the release of pollen by ragweed – the biggest allergy culprit in the fall. Wind-pollinated plants such as ragweed produce large amounts of pollen that are buoyant and float into the breeze covering everything around it.  This continues through September and October and finally subsides with the first hard frost. Unfortunately, according to WebMD, 75% of people who are allergic to spring plants are also sensitive to ragweed. During this period of [...]

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The Coop’s April = Spring Cleaning List


Since April is traditionally the month most often associated with “Spring Cleaning” here are my top ten tasks that are easy to forget but important to do at least one or more times a year. Roll up your sleeves, open some windows and breathe the fresh air. Then, tune-in to your favorite playlist and give your home some extra love!  Here goes: The #1 task on my list each spring is to “tune-up” my AC system. Take it from The Coop, there’s nothing worse than your AC dying in the middle of a heat wave.  What’s more, you surely won’t want [...]

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Don’t Rely on Punxsutawney Phil. It’s Cold!


It’s been a cold winter and your heating system has barely kept up. You find yourself wearing multi-layers of clothing in order to stay warm.  Recently, odd clicking noises have been emanating from the basement; add that to the list of odd sounds coming from your furnace.  Your hope is that Punxsutawney Phil told the truth when he predicted spring would be coming early this year so maybe you can wait until next fall to purchase that new heating system that you know you need.  Unfortunately, according to the Stormfax Weather Almanac, since 1887, Phil has only been correct 39% of [...]

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As The Coop always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know—so ASK!”


Recently, while performing a whole house plumbing preventative maintenance at a customer’s house, I noticed it was very warm – in fact, uncomfortably HOT.  As I passed the heating system’s thermostat, I took a peek at the temperature -- it was set at 78°F.  I was surprised because I rarely see a thermostat set at such a high temperature unless there’s a specific reason, and I couldn’t help but think that my customer’s energy bill must be sky-high. When I was ready to leave, I asked Sue, my customer, if she was having any comfort issues with her home’s heating system [...]

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