Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Fujitsu Unit - Ottsville, PA - Cooper Mechanical

Indoor mini-split unit is compact and unobtrusive

Ductless mini-split systems are perfect for people who need to target a smaller amount of space where installing ductwork is not an option. For example, they are a great solution for a room with an exposed beam ceiling or an existing space where the cost to break into the wall or ceiling to install ducts would be cost prohibitive. They are an efficient solution in seasonal rooms, bonus rooms, additions, offices, computer server rooms, apartments, and hotel rooms. They’re also often used in cases when the temperature of a room is consistently uneven and uncomfortable.

Outdoor Ductless Unit - Ottsville, PA - Cooper Mechanical

Outdoor mini-split unit fits into small spaces

The mini-split system is comprised of a compact indoor air handling unit connected by discreet refrigerant lines to a compact outdoor condensing unit. Best of all, the majority of units available can cool your room in the summer and warm your room in the winter, resulting in year-round comfort.