When temperatures drop, businesses and homes in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas need to have reliable heating systems. The expert technicians at Cooper Mechanical can help customers maintain the comfort level in their space by providing them with an enjoyable place to retreat to during those cold days and nights. Learn more about our heating repair services for different systems and how we can help you stay warm.

Cooper Mechanical technician performing repair services
Furnace heating system


Capable of operating on several different power sources, including natural gas, propane, or oil, the furnace is a reliable heating solution for many spaces. The fuel ignites inside the furnace’s burner, transferring heat through the furnace chamber. A blower motor directs the heated air through a network of ducts, maintaining the desired temperature level throughout the space.

To operate properly, forced hot-air furnaces require expert installation, maintenance, and repairs. Cooper Mechanical’s highly trained technicians can provide any repair services needed, ensuring your furnace is in proper working order.

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Many older homes depend on boiler heating systems to provide the preferred level of comfort. A boiler heating system moves heat throughout the home by transferring the heat from hot water into each room via radiant floor piping, radiators, or baseboards.

Replacing malfunctioning boiler systems can be costly, but the preventative maintenance services offered at Cooper Mechanical can decrease the likelihood of this occurring. We will make certain your boiler system operates correctly and does not show any signs of breaking down.

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Water heater in boiler room
Radiant heating system


Since hot air rises, some heating systems will neglect areas near the floor, keeping them cool when they should be warm. Radiant heat systems start at the floor and gravitate up, which provides the home with uniform warmth. This type of heating system has fewer moving parts compared to other systems, but still requires professional attention. The experts at Cooper Mechanical possess the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your radiant heating system is functioning properly when you need it.

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal heating and cooling technologies are the most environmentally clean, energy-efficient, and cost-effective type of indoor climate control currently available to consumers. What makes this type of heating system so different than others is instead of producing energy through fossil fuels, it transfers energy already available from the earth. Performing necessary repairs on geothermal heating systems requires expert knowledge and training, which the team members at Cooper Mechanical possess.

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Geothermal heating system
Outdoor heat pump unit

Heat Pump

Heats pumps are a unique heating and cooling system that provides homeowners relief from frigid air temperatures and uncomfortably hot temperatures. In the summer, heat pumps operate as traditional AC units, ejecting heat from your home and cooling the inside. During cooler weather, the heat pump extracts air from the outside and heats it to provide the desired temperature inside. Preventative maintenance and professional repair services offered at Cooper Mechanical can make certain your heat pump system is running properly.

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Ductless Mini-Splits

Not every home or business can support a ductwork system. In these scenarios, ductless mini-split systems may be ideal to maintain the preferred temperature in your home or office. Cooper Mechanical supports the integrity and functionality of these types of systems by providing professional and advanced repair services.

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Mother and child in nursery with ductless system on wall
Hydronic heating system

Professional Heating Repair Services You Can Count On

Cooper Mechanical specializes in providing customers in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas with a full range of reliable professional services, including heating repair. Our knowledgeable technicians are trained to work on most heating systems, which means we can handle any job, big or small. Contact us today for more information about our heating repair and the other HVAC services we offer.