Plumbing Repair

Professional Plumbing Repairs In Bucks County

Cooper Mechanical is a full-service plumbing company in Ottsville, Pennsylvania, serving residential and light commercial clients throughout Bucks County. We offer a complete range of plumbing services, including professional repair of your plumbing systems. To keep your systems in top shape, we also offer annual whole-house preventative maintenance agreements to catch minor plumbing issues before they become serious problems.

Barenhaus kitchen sink

Sink Repair

All the little inconveniences of faulty plumbing, such as leaks, cracked pipes, water stains and slow drains, can add up to major problems. If you notice damage or wear to your sink, pipes, water heater and fixtures, our prompt, professional team can get your plumbing system back on the right track. Our expert plumbers have years of training, and there’s no sink repair they can’t perform. We accurately troubleshoot the problem, find the source of your plumbing woes and design a cost-effective, comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Modern bathroom sink

There when you need us!

Tub Repair

When your tub is giving you trouble, Cooper Mechanical provides personalized tub repair backed by over 40 years of experience. We quickly determine the extent of the damage to drains and pipes to ensure your tub operates efficiently. Plumbing issues are frequently interconnected, so we also perform a thorough inspection to make sure that a problem we resolve in one fixture won’t crop up in another a few months later.

Blocked Drain Line

When a drain line is blocked, you need it unclogged fast. Whether it’s a sink, tub, shower, toilet or sewer, we fix the blockage quickly and get your pipes operating normally again. We work diligently to prevent future damage and perform thorough inspections on all your lines to ensure all blockages are effectively cleared.

Woman calling plumber about blocked drain

Blocked Drain Line

Visit Our Showroom

Whether you need help finding the right plumbing solutions or are just looking for inspiration, you’ll find it at our Ottsville showroom. Our friendly, professional staff can help you select from a wide variety of fixtures that’ll enhance the appearance and function of your bathroom. Whether you need a master bath faucet replacement or a totally new bathroom, we stock the best brands on the market to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

Showroom with a variety of sink types and fixtures

We’re There When You Need Us

Our plumbers are trained in the most cutting-edge techniques available and can devise creative solutions for any plumbing problem. Even the best plumbing systems and fixtures have problems sometimes. If those problems occur after hours, we’re there when you need us with our 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs. Wherever you live in Bucks County and the surrounding areas of PA and NJ, contact us for regular or emergency service at 610-228-4405 today.