Custom Ductwork & Fabrication

big blue plastic pipe for pool area

Airtight and waterproof insulated duct system is perfect in an indoor pool area

Cooper Mechanical has a complete design and layout department for residential and light commercial HVAC needs. We custom design each system, select the right components and build your system quickly, intelligently and at a reasonable price. What’s more, we are fully licensed to work within your township’s building codes and specifications.

We design, build and install systems to exact specifications and pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of air flow requirements. Depending on your project, we have the expertise to combine different system configurations in order to produce the best results possible.

No job is too large or small for Cooper’s custom design department. We offer free estimates on all of our design work.

Onsite Fabrication Department Sets Us Apart

Our custom ductwork and fabrication capabilities are what set us apart in the Doylestown area – our fabricators and engineering teams work at the highest levels of creativity and technical expertise. This allows us to manufacture custom ductwork on-site, saving you time and money on projects that would have to be outsourced by less versatile heating companies.

Ductwork nestled in cathedral ceiling

Ductwork nestled into vaulted ceiling area

Ductwork is often a neglected and forgotten component of the heating and cooling system – left to gather dust and dirt somewhere out of sight, perhaps artfully disguised within the architecture. However, without those ducts, your forced-air furnace or air conditioner wouldn’t function. Without the correct sizing of ducts, you would be spending a lot more money on your heating and air conditioning bills!

Antique-style diffuser register complements the historic design of the building

Antique-style diffuser register complements the historic design of the building

Well-fit ductwork is vital for your forced-air heating/cooling system to evenly distribute the air throughout your home or building. Our Cooper Mechanical fabricators specialize in fabricating custom duct transitions, elbows, offsets, takeoffs, plenums, and anything else needed for your residential HVAC ducts. We also fit everything perfectly to size, based on the demands of your construction.

Our custom ductwork can also be used to replace broken parts like ceiling boxes, chimney caps, hoods, ovals, and insulation.

Call Cooper Mechanical today at 610-228-4405 to inquire about our custom design and fabrication capabilities. Let us custom design the perfect system for you.