Air Conditioning Repair Service and Installation in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

As the temperature rises, you count on your air conditioning system to keep your household cool and comfortable. The last thing you want during the summer is for your system to falter. That’s where the trained experts at Cooper Mechanical can help. Our certified team of professionals is here to make sure you can maintain a cool, comfortable home, offering a range of air conditioning services for all situations. Learn more about the services we provide for homeowners across Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas in and parts of Central New Jersey.

Preventative Maintenance and Air Conditioning Repairs

Keeping your AC unit working properly requires regular maintenance and sometimes, occasional service. Fortunately, our staff can perform comprehensive maintenance on all brands and models, and a preventative maintenance agreement is a great way to keep your unit running properly. With a plan in place, you can help ensure a long lifespan for your system, lower energy bills, and greater peace of mind knowing your unit won’t break down when you need it most. You’ll even get money off parts and repairs, helping you save year after year.

Cooper Mechanical is also available when your system eventually needs repairs. Because HVAC systems are intricate and complex, turning to a professional is always the best option to ensure the job is done right. Reach out to our team if you notice your unit is showing any of the following:

  • Ices up
  • Makes unusual noises
  • Blows warm air or no air at all
  • Increased humidity in your home
  • Turns itself off

Our skilled technicians are highly experienced and properly qualified to handle a range of issues, including refrigerant leaks, worn capacitors, clogged filters, faulty thermostats, and others.

We will schedule a tech to inspect the unit, run system performance and leak tests, and check refrigerant levels to quickly diagnose the problem. Once the issue is identified, the Cooper Mechanical technician will present you with solutions for getting your system back on track.

Keep Cool with Carrier

With heating and cooling accounting for more than half the energy use in the average home, a system should be as efficient as possible to ensure the maximum comfort and savings. Keep your family comfortable throughout the warmer months with our complete line of Carrier home cooling solutions. This can also reduce your energy bills throughout your system’s operational life, ensuring even more savings.

Outdoor AC Units By Exterior House Wall

Outdoor condenser unit pumps refrigerant into the evaporator coil to cool the inside air

New AC Unit Installation

Whether you’re building a new home and need an entire new HVAC system, your old AC unit needs replacing, or you’ve decided to retrofit AC into an existing home, we’re here to help. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Cooper Mechanical provides high-quality equipment at an affordable price, including these powerful and long-lasting systems:

  • Central AC: The most popular option, conventional central AC units deliver cooling comfort throughout your home. By extracting heat outward and drawing cool air in, this whole-home system streamlines temperature control.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: If you have a room that doesn’t get the cooling air it needs, look to this compact, unobtrusive and targeted system. The ductless design means minimal wall cutting, and some units allow up to five indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor condensing unit, allowing you to adjust the temperature of each space independently.
  • Heat pumps: Offering similar benefits to central AC, these pumps help transfer warm and cool air into and out of your home, depending on the season. The systems are exceptionally good money-saving options as they simply transfer air rather than convert electricity.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: These eco-friendly and cost-effective heat pumps use the earth’s consistent temperature to heat and cool your home. Using underground piping, geothermal equipment transfers energy from the ground into the home in the winter to heat it, and in the summer, it extracts heat out of the house to cool your home. The result is a system that is exceptionally efficient and longer lasting than conventional equipment.
Cooper Mechanical Technician Repairing AC Unit Beneath Leaves

Trust the Team at Cooper Mechanical

From regular maintenance and much-needed air conditioning repairs to new unit installation, Cooper Mechanical is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your HVAC system year-round. We have been serving Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania and parts of Central New Jersey for over 45 years, and when you look at our customer reviews and see what they have to say, it’s easy to see why.

Our certified technicians face ongoing training so they’re up to date with the latest technology, equipment, and techniques. Contact us today if you’re ready to enjoy cooling comfort or call us if you need emergency service – we’re available 24/7.

Cooper Mechanical Technician Cleaning Filter In Yard With Hose