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Find out why it’s so important!

It’s easy to forget about your heating and cooling system. You rarely look at it because it’s usually tucked away down in the basement, up in the attic, or in some hard to reach location. But, it becomes a huge priority when it fails — often during an extreme weather event when you need your system to operate at its best.

No matter what brand of system you own or how expensive it is, proper routine maintenance is essential to its long term operation. Even if your HVAC system never actually breaks down, by performing regular, routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits that will affect your bottom line including:

  • Lower fuel cost. Your HVAC system will consume less fuel and operate at peak efficiency with a regular ‘tune-up,’ costing less money out of your pocket.
  • Increased life-span. One small, failing part can create a domino effect that causes the entire system to break down over time. Regular maintenance prevents this from happening and can add years to the life of the system.
  • Less risk of emergency breakdowns. Industry statistics show only 14% of preventative maintenance agreement homeowners will experience an emergency breakdown in a given year compared to 48% of homeowners who do not own a preventative maintenance agreement.
  • Save natural resources. By consistently maintaining your equipment, you will decrease your fuel usage, ultimately lowering carbon monoxide and combustion by-products and preserving the environment.

Your Plumbing System Deserves Special Attention, too!

Don’t fret about unforeseen water leaks and damage. Our plumbing inspection process helps spot issues before they turn into expensive problems, increasing the longevity of your entire plumbing system, and giving you peace of mind. What’s better than that?

When you call Cooper Mechanical, our skilled plumbing technicians will:

  • Inspect the operation of every fixture and piece of plumbing equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly.
  • Visually inspect the overall condition of all supply and drain connections.
  • Check the condition of all valves.
  • Inspect your hot water heater.

We’ve Made It Simple to Select the Proper Cooper Mechanical HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement for Your Home.

At Cooper Mechanical, we believe that when it comes to the well-being of your heating, cooling or plumbing system, choosing from a confusing list of ‘good-better-best’ options is not an option. That’s why our preventative maintenance agreements include everything your system needs to be tuned-up and ready to go. Our ‘best’ is our only option.

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes everything your system needs to function at its best. Choose from the following:


Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Plus, you’ll receive these benefits as our thank-you for choosing any of our options:

  • 15% off on all parts and repairs if we find problems that need to be addressed.
  • Priority scheduling. You’ll jump to the head of the line because you’re a VIP.
  • We’ll notify you when it’s time to schedule your yearly maintenance.
  • Your system will be cared for by a team of highly trained professionals who will alert you to potential issues before they become expensive problems.

Not sure which option to choose? Have a question? Call us at 610-228-4405.

Paying for Your Cooper Mechanical Preventative Maintenance Agreement is Quick and Easy.

  • Pay by credit card online.
  • Pay by credit card over the phone. Call 610-228-4405.
  • Pay by credit card with your service technician.
  • Mail a check to Cooper Mechanical at 7696 Easton Road, Ottsville, PA 18942.

Here’s what YOU Can Do to Help Maintain your Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Systems.

Don’t worry, it’s easy!

  • Change the HVAC air filter on a regular basis, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re not sure where your air filter is located or what size you need, perform an internet search using the make and model of your system or call us.
  • Keep foliage trimmed back to at least 18 inches from the outdoor unit.
  • Hose down the outdoor unit if dirt accumulates on it.
  • Brush away dead leaves and debris from around the outdoor unit.
  • If you own a heat pump, when it snows, brush off the outdoor unit so it can operate correctly.
  • Clear away snow from all exhaust pipes and vents for your furnace, hot water heater, dryer, etc.
  • If you hear a strange, unfamiliar noise or think your system is not operating correctly, call us.
  • Keep carpets, drapes, and furniture away from registers and returns so that air circulates efficiently.
  • If you see a water leak, hear water continuously running, or even suspect you have a leak, call us.
  • Keep tabs on your winter water usage. A family of four probably has a serious leak problem if its water use in the winter exceeds 12,000 gallons per month.
  • If you suspect a water leak, don’t use water for two hours, and check your water meter reading before and after. If the meter doesn’t maintain the same reading, you probably have a leak.
  • If you hear your toilet running long after you flush, place a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the color shows up in the bowl (without flushing) within 15 minutes, you have a leak. Flush immediately after this experiment–you don’t want to stain your tank.

To purchase a Preventative Maintenance Agreement now, click here.  We strive to leave you completely satisfied with our plumbing services in Doylestown, Bucks County. Take a look at our Google map to find our entire service area, and be sure to contact us for prompt attention and meticulous repairs.