Warmboard with hydronic tubing put in place

Radiant Heating

Forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps circulate heated air through ductwork to warm your home’s interior. Another alternative gaining in popularity is radiant heating, which uses heated water or electric resistance coils traveling through pipes or wires embedded in your floors, walls, and/or ceilings to radiate heat outward and warm your home. Our highly qualified heating experts at Cooper Mechanical in Ottsville, Pennsylvania, offer professional installation and maintenance of radiant heating systems throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, our goal is to install a radiant heating system that complements your lifestyle, fulfills your heating needs, and maximizes your indoor comfort.

Benefits Of Radiant Heating

In ducted forced air heating systems, the hot air rises, so areas closest to the ceiling stay warmer, while areas near the floor are often cooler. Radiant heat systems start at the floor and gravitate up, so the bottom half of the room remains enveloped in warmth. Your home benefits from uniform warmth without the drafts or dead spots you often experience with conventional heating units. With a more comfortable, warmer interior, you may find yourself lowering the temperature on your thermostat, which saves money on your energy bill.

You also enjoy increased health benefits because dust, pollen, and other particles aren’t being blown around or circulated through air vents. This is especially beneficial to anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. Other benefits of radiant heating systems include:
Radiant heat pipes running under cement

  • A completely quiet heating system without any whooshing, pinging, or mechanical noises
  • Increased aesthetics without any unsightly radiators or baseboards
  • Flexibility in design and installation options
  • Few to no maintenance requirements
  • Reduced stuffiness and static electricity
  • Compatibility with all floor coverings
  • Increased space and design freedom

Radiant heating systems are especially good for new home construction, but existing homes can also be retrofitted to enjoy effective, energy-efficient warmth.

System Selection

We’re experts in the design and installation of radiant heating systems. Our skilled technicians confidently walk you through product selection, whether you need a new system or you’re debating about switching from your current heating system to radiant heating. We help you make an educated decision and choose the system that best matches your unique situation at a price you can afford.

Cooper Mechanical offers a wide variety of proven radiant heating systems that are among the best in the industry and capable of warming virtually any floor surface, including hardwood, tile, laminates, and carpet. Hydronic (liquid) systems are the most popular and cost-effective radiant heating systems. Hydronic radiant heating systems pump heated water from a boiler through tubing laid in a pattern under your floors. Other systems available include air radiant heating and electric radiant heating.

Sizing Your System

Radiant Tubing
One of the most important steps in the process is finding an appropriately sized radiant heat system that matches your home’s heating requirements. Choosing a system that’s too big or too small can negatively impact its performance and your comfort. To ensure you get the right system, we consider the location, size, and layout of your home. We also consider the direction your home faces and the number of doors and windows you have to select the perfect radiant heating system. We’ll even generate a personalized proposal that includes your financing options, if appropriate.

Radiant Heating Maintenance

Radiant heating systems have few moving parts, so they require few repairs and relatively little maintenance. Our comprehensive preventive maintenance helps ensure trouble-free operation and keep repairs to a minimum. Even if we didn’t install your radiant heating system, our highly trained technicians can take over any necessary maintenance tasks or repair needs you may have. We can also show you how to properly care for your system. If you notice uneven heating, damp spots, or strange noises, call for service right away. We provide 24-hour repair service should you ever have a problem after hours.

Top Rated Heating Installation And Repair Experts

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality products and services at reasonable prices have made Cooper Mechanical one of the most successful heating companies in the region. Our installation team stays current on the most effective and efficient systems available and receives thorough training to ensure your new radiant or other heating system works perfectly from day one. From design and installation to routine maintenance and repairs, we can handle any job, large or small. Contact us at 610-228-4405 to schedule your free radiant heating system consultation today.