Remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or home is a significant undertaking, but Cooper Mechanical has a team of plumbing experts who can help. We serve Doylestown, upper to mid-Bucks County, Ottsville, and the surrounding areas with remodel plumbing services that allow homeowners to add value to their home and create their dream spaces.

Remodel Plumbing Services

At Cooper Mechanical, our plumbers and designers are equipped to assist with any kind of residential remodel. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, pool house, bar, or laundry room, our services support your mission to get your space functional and looking great by assisting with the following:

Replacing Fixtures

If your fixtures are deteriorating, outdated, have poor water efficiency, or simply don’t match your new design plans, it’s always a good idea to update them. We can help you remove your old sinks, showers, and bathtubs with minimal mess and then replace them with gorgeous new ones. Our design experts will even help you choose the perfect accessories to complement your fixtures.

Adding New Fixtures

Maybe you’re adding a new bar in the basement or stand-alone tubn the master suite. Or, perhaps your family has grown and you need an extra sink or an entirely new bathroom. Whatever the reason, we can help. Our team will plan and run pipes to your new feature while avoiding unnecessary disruptions to your floor, walls, and the rest of your home.

Historic Home Renovations

Our area is known for its rich history, featuring beautiful old homes and charming residences – each with their own stories to tell. Instead of erasing all of that history with your remodel, preserve your home’s vintage character with Cooper Mechanical. With skilled professionals and a deep understanding of both modern and historical building practices, we have successfully completed countless plumbing restoration projects for local landmarks. We deploy that same expertise when helping homeowners modernize and improve their plumbing while preserving their home’s character and cultural significance.

Start Your Remodel Today

If you’re planning a renovation, reach out to Cooper Mechanical. For over 40 years, we’ve helped countless clients in Doylestown, upper to mid-Bucks County, Ottsville, and the surrounding areas with our trusted remodel plumbing services. Our extensive experience has given us a close familiarity with local townships and municipalities, so we can complete your project quickly and up to code. When it’s done, we’ll return to service your plumbing whenever it needs attention. For more information, contact us at 610-228-4405 today.

Bathroom Decorated With Antique Horse Harness

We can help you choose the perfect sink to complement your unique accessories.

Remodeled Bathroom With Tile Floor

We’ll help you remodel your bathroom in keeping with the historic nature of its architecture.