New air conditioning units installed outside a residential property It seems every year the summers in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area get hotter and hotter. It’s common for the heat to begin in early spring and last well into the fall. While the nice weather is great for outdoor activities and parties, not everyone enjoys the heat. Unfortunately for homeowners and businesses, high outside temperatures can create uncomfortable living conditions. Cooper Mechanical serves Doylestown, Ottsville, and upper-to-mid Bucks County and the surrounding areas. We offer a solution with professional air conditioning installation services.

We take a comprehensive approach to air conditioning installation. We gladly take you through every step, from picking the unit that works for your space to installation and beyond. We are proud to employ some of the most highly trained and experienced technicians in the business. Learn more about our services and how our team can come out and set up the air conditioning system you need to achieve better temperature control in your home or business.

Selecting Your Ideal Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units are complex pieces of equipment, and they come in numerous sizes and configurations. Reaping the benefits of an air conditioning system requires selecting a unit that’s ideal for your home or business. But with so many options, how are you to know which one is right for you? Choosing the right one takes technical expertise and knowledge of the industry. Allow our team of experts to help you select the unit that best meets your needs.

At Cooper Mechanical, our techs are highly experienced professionals who know their trade inside and out, and who undergo regular training to stay on top of the latest trends in air conditioner installation and service. Each air conditioning system we recommend is carefully curated according to a customer’s specific requirements. We guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate air conditioner for your space. We also go as far as registering your new air conditioning unit to ensure you receive the maximum warranty.

Our Installation Services

Even the most advanced air conditioning unit is useless without proper installation and setup. Our services are intended to ensure your air conditioner system continues to perform as expected for many years to come. Our installation services include:

Removing the Old Unit and Equipment

If replacing an old system, we begin indoors by disconnecting the ductwork, control wiring, condensate drain, gas, and exhaust vent. We then disconnect and remove the old unit outdoors.

Prepare the Area for the New Unit

The area where your new unit will be located must be properly prepared before installation. This entails setting and leveling the equipment pad. Inside, we hook up new custom supply plenum and return plenum that perfectly connects the new equipment to the ductwork and inspect existing lines and filters, replacing them where needed.

Install Unit

Now that the site is prepped, we can begin hooking up lines and wiring. We wire in the high-voltage line, install new control wiring, and rework the exhaust and intake vents. We then install the new unit outdoors, connecting the load-side high voltage wire and other components. Next, we add refrigerant and service valves.

Check and Test the Unit for Any Issues

Before our installation services are complete, we ensure the unit is working properly. With the unit in place, we check for leaks and test performance. If we find any discrepancies, we immediately work to correct them. Our job is not done until everything is operating as it should be.

To cause minimal disruption to their family or workforce, we work with clients to choose an installation date that fits their schedule.

Why Choose Cooper Mechanical?

When it comes to air conditioning installation, selecting the right service provider is imperative. Cooper Mechanical is honored to have been the choice for so many clients over the last 47 years. Clients who partner with us have come to expect a high level of service. We earned our strong reputation and numerous five-star reviews by offering the following advantages:

Our Expertise

Performing advanced air conditioning services requires superior knowledge. Most of the technicians and support staff at Cooper Mechanical have been here for years, and in many cases, decades. Their on-the-job experience and continuous training in the latest techniques, safety regulations, and new products make them our most valuable assets.

Using this expertise, our team provides clients with unmatched service. This sets Cooper Mechanical apart from the competition.

Our Dedication

At Cooper Mechanical, we’re dedicated to serving our clients. We continuously strive to go above and beyond to ensure they receive the best quality of service possible. We believe trust is earned through superior performance. It’s why we’ve made listening to our customers, servicing their needs to the best of our ability, and installing quality equipment at a reasonable price the cornerstone of our approach to heating, cooling, plumbing, and more.

Our Products

Without superior products, we can’t deliver customers exceptional air conditioning installation. As part of our services, we use the most advanced and trusted products on the market. Our selection of air conditioning equipment consists of units specifically matched with features that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Air Conditioning Installation and More at Cooper Mechanical

Whether you’re looking for relief from summer’s humidity or wish to replace your old unit, turn to the air conditioning installation experts at Cooper Mechanical. When your air conditioner installation is executed by Cooper Mechanical, you’ll receive guidance throughout the whole process so that every detail is completed the right way. We are licensed professionals who will be there for you on installation day and beyond.

Sometimes, even the best equipment experiences a breakdown.  If there’s ever an issue, Cooper Mechanical has that covered, too, with advanced air conditioning repair services. Clients in Doylestown, Ottsville, and upper-to-mid-Bucks County and the surrounding areas who wish to learn more about our offerings, should contact us today to receive a free estimate.