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Central Air in Eastern PA & NJ

Today, central air conditioning is a common fixture in most single-family homes and buildings everywhere. If you’re still going without, don’t wait! Escape the heat during the grueling summers by installing energy-efficient central air conditioning units in your home. Our customers in New Hope and Doylestown already know the world of difference a central air conditioning system from Cooper makes—why shouldn’t you?

Our expert technicians can install a full line of products that help you beat the summer heat. When you need a new system or unit, we will consult with you and determine the best and most affordable solutions, from basic and budget-friendly to cutting-edge and luxurious. With the innovative brands and systems available to you today, you can set an ideal temperature and humidity level for optimal comfort in your house or place of business.

What Can Cooper Do for You?

We provide you with:

  • The peace of mind that you’ll have a long-lasting cooling system that runs smoothly throughout the year. We treat each property we work on as if it were our own, ensuring that your high-performing system installation results in minimal complications and maximum comfort. Even if other HVAC providers have told you that your home is too difficult or expensive to outfit with a central air conditioning system, don’t give up. Call Cooper: we’re bound to find the right solution for you, from space-saving mini-splits to the latest eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Central heating and air conditioning inside any entire building, residential or commercial, in the Doylestown, New Hope, Ottsville and Newtown, PA areas. Our company has years of experience—over 40, to be exact—and with them have come more knowledge of the most effective installations and repairs than any of our competitors can lay claim to.
Variety of Options to Meet your Style and Budget

Variety of Options to Meet your Style and Budget

Variety of Options to Meet your Style and Budget


  • A number of options that are ideal for your home’s cooling system. Choose from a variety of central air systems that will keep the interior of your house near Riegelsville, Bethlehem, Ottsville, Doylestown, New Hope or Newtown, PA at a comfortable temperature, escaping the heat and humidity.
  • Added value to your home and a smart long-term investment with the installation of a new central air system. We are also undisputed pros in geothermal home heating in the Bucks County with expert installers and a cost-effective solution, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Service That Goes Beyond Installation

We work hard to establish lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients. Cooper is a proud part of the Doylestown community, and as good neighbors, we want to take care of our customers for life. Take advantage of our preventative maintenance plans to avoid the hassle of a malfunctioning unit. We’ll clean and inspect each component of your system in the Bethlehem and Newtown areas in order to prevent issues from arising during the summer months.

There are many benefits associated with our top-of-the-line central air systems in New Hope, Doylestown, and the surrounding areas. Don’t worry about sustaining a cool temperature throughout the summer season when you put your trust in Cooper Mechanical. We’re available when you need us. Call today and schedule an appointment!