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The Coop’s Top 5 Projects This Fall

Last night I watched the season premiere of my favorite TV show.  I was surprised at the number of holiday-themed commercials that I had to wade thru while watching it.  After all, it’s only September!  Annoying?  Yes, but it did make me think about the projects that I’d like to complete around the house before the holiday season starts.  I


The Coop’s Top Ten Pre-Vacation Tips that Make Post-Vacation More Pleasant!

As we head into the hard-core summer vacation period, take it from the Coop, I’ve learned from experience that preparing your house for vacation, is as important as packing your underwear! Better to be prepared than suffer the consequences! Here’s my checklist for a worry-free vacation from a plumbing and HVAC perspective: 1. First, perform preventative maintenance on your plumbing


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Lately, I’ve received numerous phone calls from people asking for information on mini-split heating & cooling systems.  Usually, their curiosity has been piqued because they’ve talked to somebody who recently had a mini-split installed in their home or office and can’t stop saying great things about them. I can relate because I installed two mini-splits in my own home a


Family Fun that’s Good for You in More Ways than One

You’ve heard this story before – you may even have personal experience.  After a cold, gray winter, spring-time seems exceptionally beautiful.  You marvel at the magnificent blooms and lush greenery.  You say to yourself “this year, I’m finally going to plant a vegetable garden and enjoy Mother Nature’s delicious bounty. “  You’re so committed, you decide to make it a


Spring Training for Your HVAC and Plumbing

Tired and winter-weary?  Don’t worry; spring is finally here, and with it comes spring showers, warmer weather, and…baseball! But before you start kicking back, relaxing, and watching your favorite team, there are a few maintenance tips and tune-up strategies to make sure your HVAC system and plumbing are in peak condition to run smoothly and efficiently.  Think of it as


Don’t Let Your Pipes Give You the Cold Shoulder

We’re all used to our homes “speaking up” every now and then, with the occasional murmur of running water or creak of a radiator. As any plumber will tell you, this is perfectly normal, especially in the older homes that populate places like Doylestown, PA, and their neighboring communities. The Coop even finds it somewhat comforting – it’s like your

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