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A Tail of Allergies – With a Happy, Healthy Ending

You’ve heard this story before. Grandma gave little Timmy a tiny Cavalier King Charles puppy for Christmas and the whole family fell in love with the critter, whom they named Buddy. Then, a month or two later, it became evident that Sister Susie was constantly sneezing, her eyes were itchy and watery, and her nose was stuffy. After a visit


Want More Energy Savings this Winter? A Heat Pump Can Help

Now that the weather is colder, our customers’ thoughts have turned to keeping their homes warm and toasty. We’ve received numerous phone calls from homeowners interested in learning about the newest trends in heating systems. This year, many of them are looking for information on heat pumps, because they’ve heard about their energy-efficient and cost-effective benefits. Well, they’ve heard correctly!

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