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US Builders Review Tells the World About Cooper

This year, Cooper Mechanical turned 40 (although we’ll leave it to you to guess how old the Coop is). Our 40th year in business has been a cause for celebration in more ways than one. Throughout the year, our customers and peers alike have honored us with countless reminders that not only have we worked hard to establish a plumbing,


The Mighty Benefits of Mini Splits

When it gets painfully hot outside–especially in August–I tend to think about all the people who have spent the summer sweating it out because they think it’s impossible to install air conditioning in their homes.  I’ve spoken to many customers who have given up on regulating the temperature in their “hard-to-cool, hard-to-heat” family room, bedroom, office, you name it—and literally


Give Yourself a Graduation Present With a Home Remodel

The other day, my wife and I received a letter from my son’s university advising us of the school’s plans during graduation weekend, coming up in May. I can’t even put into words the excitement we felt as we talked about this momentous occasion. Then, we discussed the graduation party we’ll be hosting to celebrate our son’s achievement. We had

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