As HVAC specialists, Cooper Mechanical cannot stress enough the importance of Indoor Air Quality. IAQ refers to the quality of indoor air within and around buildings, especially as it affects the health and comfort of building occupants. Poor IAQ can have serious health risks and result in various respiratory problems, including allergies, asthma, and other ailments.

Here are some critical facts you may not know about indoor air quality, its impact on our health, and the steps you can take to improve it.

Potential Health Risks of Poor IAQ

  • Respiratory problems: Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis and asthma.
  • Allergies: Exposure to pollutants in the air can trigger allergic reactions in individuals who are susceptible to allergies.
  • Sick building syndrome: Poor IAQ can result in ‘sick building syndrome,’ where there is an increase in absenteeism and a decrease in productivity in employees working in such environments.

Steps to Improve IAQ

Here are some steps that homeowners can take to improve their indoor air quality:

  • Install a hIgh quality air filtration system. Air filters help remove pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores  before they reach your HVAC equipment, keeping your equipment cleaner and unhealthy contaminants contained.
  • Install an air purifier: An air purifier takes air filtration one step further by helping to filter out fine particles and neutralize harmful contaminants that a standard air filter can’t contain.
  • Regular maintenance of HVAC system: Regular cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems can ensure that the system is free from dust, debris, and other pollutants that affect the quality of indoor air.
  • Ensure proper ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential for good indoor air quality as it removes stale air and brings in fresh air from outside.
  • Use high quality cleaning products: Harsh cleaning products contain chemicals that can worsen indoor air quality. Switching to higher caliber cleaning products can help improve indoor air quality.
  • Humidity control: High humidity levels in a house can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which are major indoor air pollutants. Installing a dehumidifier can help maintain the right humidity levels in the house which will keep you, as well as your furniture and belongings, comfortable and in good condition.

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Poor indoor air quality can be detrimental to our health, and we urge all homeowners to take proactive steps in improving their indoor air quality. Making small changes to our daily habits and investing in indoor air quality products can have a huge impact on our health and comfort. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Cooper Mechanical to take the first step in improving your indoor air quality. Additionally, we offer a range of other services, including air conditioning installation in Bucks County, PA

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