We’ve all been through a heck of a time during the last few months, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Besides the obvious gravity of the situation, we’ve all had to modify our lifestyles, one way or another, in keeping with the “new normal.”

For many DIYers who love to tinker but seldom have the time, this has been a great opportunity to address all sorts of things around the house.  Over the last few months, when I haven’t been helping Cooper Mechanical customers with heating, cooling, and plumbing projects, I’ve spent my time repairing, cleaning, and replacing everything on my own “honey-do” list.  My home is spic and span — inside and out – and I’m so pleased!

But what about those people who aren’t handy and are spending more time at home than ever before?  Small things that homeowners never noticed before the pandemic are now driving them crazy!! Needless to say, we’ve received a variety of calls from homeowners eager to get our help on lots of different projects.  Here’s a sample of what we hear every day:

  • “I’m concerned about the air quality in my house.  I need better air filtration and purification!
  •  “My toilet runs constantly!  The sound is driving me crazy and my water bill is increasing every month. Help!”
  • “I never knew that the guest room (which is now my makeshift office) was so uncomfortably warm!  What can I do to make this room cooler?”
  • “This is the first time in years that I’ve planted a vegetable garden.  I wish I had an outdoor spigot close by my garden so I don’t have to make so many trips with my watering can!”
  • “When did my kitchen faucet become outdated?  I need a plumbing fixture makeover!”
  • “I’m tired of installing my heavy window air conditioners each year.  I need central air conditioning installed in my house!”
  • “I can’t remember the last time I had my air conditioner serviced. It needs an AC tune-up!
  • “I’ve been barbecuing a lot this summer.  Can you run a gas line that connects to my grill so I don’t have to buy propane tanks anymore? “

Do any of these comments ring true to you?  Take it from the Coop, these may be crazy times but it’s the perfect time to take care of everything that’s been bugging you for months.  Whether it’s a quick fix or a larger project, we’re here for you – especially right now!  Simply call us at 610-228-4405 or send us your request at [email protected].  We’ll be happy to have one of our expert, licensed mechanics address your issue and probably, make your day!!  Nobody knows how long it will take to wipe out COVID-19, but we stand ready to make life easier for you whenever you call!

Stay Safe!