As the weather starts to warm-up, folks like me are itching to plan ahead for good times to come this spring and summer.  It’s been more than a year since many people visited with family and friends due to COVID-19, and I really miss grilling for a crowd and hosting boisterous pool parties.  It’s very exciting that (hopefully) we may be in the homestretch of the pandemic.

I’m feeling very confident that this summer I’ll be back entertaining, and that’s why I’m preparing my home in advance for social gatherings instead of social distancing.  I know that more parties will put extra stress on my plumbing system because like many homeowners in our area, I own an older home that needs a little TLC from time to time.  I’d rather make sure that everything is in tip-top shape now than have problems in the middle of the summer when I have a house-full of company.

Take it from the Coop!  It’s time to inspect your plumbing system to make sure it’s ready to perform at its peak.  To help you get started, here’s my list of the top plumbing projects to consider before this fun-filled season begins.

Outdoor Spaces  

  • Make sure your water spigots are working properly to water your garden effectively. Ever consider installing an additional spigot or 2 so you don’t have to carry heavy buckets of water? I did that a few summers ago and my garden is flourishing (and so is my back!!)
  • Tired of purchasing portable LP bottles to fire-up your barbecue? If your home is fueled by natural or propane gas, why not install an additional gas line to your BBQ; you’ll never run out of gas!
  • Here’s another suggestion: a few years ago, I installed a utility sink in my garage that has proven to be a godsend.  Before, I would wash my lawn and paint tools in my kitchen sink which would mess up the whole area.  Now, I keep the outside dirt where it belongs!

Interior Spaces

  • Since my plumbing fixtures are going to get a work-out this season, I’ve inspected all the fixtures in my kitchen and bathrooms to make sure that everything is in good condition. Warning signs I looked for include slow drains, running toilets, leaky faucets, and water stains.
  • I even treated myself to a new faucet in the powder room since my old one looked worn and unattractive. How about your faucets?
  • Finally, I walked through the unfinished area of my basement and visually checked the pipes for moisture, water stains on the floor, and anything else that captured my attention. I’d rather find a small leak now than deal with a flood in the future.

Some of our customers are weekend DIYers who will enjoy addressing some of the plumbing projects I’ve outlined.  Have at it, I say!  For everyone else, be sure to contact a professional plumbing company, like Cooper Mechanical, that is trained to handle the types of projects I’ve described.

By the way, Cooper Mechanical offers a preventative maintenance agreement specifically geared to plumbing systems.  A service technician will inspect the operation of all your plumbing fixtures, including your water heater, to spot issues before they become big problems.  You can contact us at 610-847-2441 for more information.  And don’t worry, we’re open 24/7 in case you ever have an emergency.

We all deserve some fun after the year we’ve experienced so make the most of it.  Remember, the more you do now in preparation of the upcoming season, the more time you’ll have to “kick-back” and relax with family and friends.  Enjoy!