Have you ever considered installing heat pump mini-split systems in your home? They consist of an outdoor unit known as the condenser or compressor, which is connected by communicating wires and 2 copper refrigerant lines to an indoor unit. As a unique alternative to traditional air conditioning and heating systems, mini-split technology has advanced dramatically over the last 10 years, and they’ve certainly increased in popularity.  To learn why they’re a popular choice for comfort and design here’s an overview of four main benefits of heat pump mini-split systems.

It Offers Cooling and Heating

One big difference between mini-split systems and other HVAC systems is also one of their biggest advantages — they provide both heating and cooling. Heat pump mini-split systems are able to control both the heating and cooling of a home, offering improved comfort across every season. As a result, homeowners won’t need to worry about installing another HVAC system to handle cooling or heating.

Greater Temperature Control

Perhaps the most significant advantage of heat pump mini-split systems is the more versatile control it offers over indoor temperature. Because the mini-split heads (indoor units) in each room are separate and controlled using their own thermostat, you can set different temperatures based on the usage of the room — perfect for multiple occupants who have different comfort needs. The same can’t be accomplished with a centralized HVAC system, which is controlled by a single thermostat and sends the designated temperature throughout the house. In addition, homeowners can install multiple mini-split heads tied to one outdoor unit, making them very efficient and cost effective.

Simplified Installation

The installation efficiency of mini-split heat pumps compared to other systems is another notable benefit. Mini-split pumps have a smaller size and are much faster to install than traditional HVAC systems. However, a major reason why the installation is easier is that ductwork is not needed for mini-split systems. This makes them a great heating and cooling option for homeowners without ductwork who don’t want to spend the time or money to install it or where ductwork isn’t a viable installation option.

On the subject of placement options, the interior unit is designed to be unobtrusive and can be installed in several ways — whether it’s on the  wall, ceiling, or even the floor.

Fewer Expenses

Heat pump mini split systems are a great option for homeowners who want to save money. Another advantage of having separate heads in each room or area is that the ones that aren’t needed can be turned off when not in use, allowing you to save money through more flexible usage. 

Also, the energy efficiency of mini split heat pumps is yet another major money-saving benefit — because there isn’t ductwork for heated or cooled air to escape from, less energy is wasted in the process. Plus, you won’t have to worry about maintaining ductwork that can worsen efficiency over time as it ages and degrades.

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