Homeowners need to keep an eye on their HVAC systems to ensure they’re effective and efficient — and furnaces are no exception. However, how do you know if your furnace is broken? Take it from The Coop, several clues and warning signs can be used to identify if it’s time to address an issue with a system. Here’s a look at five signs that indicate your furnace needs repairs or a complete replacement.

No Heat

A lack of blowing air is one of the signs a furnace is going out. One potential cause is a malfunctioning blower motor, which prevents the system from pushing air through the ventilation network. Although that might be relatively simple issue to fix, it can also be a sign of other problems which are more complex and expensive to repair.  Another circumstance is when your furnace provides heat to some rooms but not others. Each room in your home should have about the same temperature when you use a standard heating system with a single zone setting. When there are cold spots in certain locations, the furnace is struggling to circulate warm air evenly.

Strange Sounds

While a functioning heating system is relatively quiet and can make a few sounds on occasion, a failing one will sometimes make loud and, more importantly, odd noises you don’t normally hear during operation. Many of the rattling, banging, and squealing sounds are signs something is wrong with your furnace, and it needs to be addressed. Whatever the case may be, strange noises are not something a homeowner should ignore.

Health Conditions and Discomfort

When your furnace’s air filter isn’t able to filter air effectively, it can lead to an increase in dirt, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants. Their presence can result in coughing, itchiness, flu-like symptoms, and other respiratory issues.

Make sure to contact an HVAC company experienced in indoor air quality (IAQ), like Cooper Mechanical if you or a family member are experiencing allergies or respiratory problems. They’ll be able to offer proven solutions to decrease airborne contaminants.

If your family starts experiencing nausea or headaches, it can be a more serious problem — a carbon monoxide leak. The heat exchangers of older systems can get cracks as time passes, allowing the carbon monoxide to escape. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a severe problem, so don’t hesitate to have your furnace system inspected and replaced, if needed. 

Constant Repairs

Nothing lasts forever — and when it comes to furnaces, you can expect them to last between 15 to 20 years on average. Wear and tear can take a toll on furnaces, making them more susceptible to damage over time. Therefore, when you’re constantly calling for repair services, it’s one of the signs your furnace is going out. Rather than waste money paying for numerous repairs, it may make sense to get a new system entirely. If you’re unsure how old your system is, your service professional may be able to find the model and serial number and tell you the date of manufacture and/or installation.

Expensive Utility Bills

On the subject of wasting money, nobody wants to spend it all on their energy bills. When your heating bills are getting more expensive with no change to your heating habits, then it may be another sign your furnace is going out. The more energy a system uses to meet a desired temperature, the more money it will cost. That’s why you can save a lot of money installing a new, energy-efficient system rather than constantly repairing an older, less efficient model.

If your furnace is no longer working right, call our heating services in Ottsville, PA. Cooper Mechanical offers a wide range of furnace services to help homeowners keep their homes warm and comfortable. Additionally, we provide plumbing installation services and other types of HVAC services. Contact Cooper Mechanical today for more information and to schedule an appointment.