I’m a pretty good-natured guy, but I still love the boost I get from hearing that customers have had a positive experience with Cooper Mechanical.  The other day, I received a note from one of our customers that was particularly heartwarming.  I’d like to share their story with you.

Last year, we were approached by a really great young family from Doylestown. Their 60-year-old house was outfitted with an oil-based system that they hated—really hated. They were tired of the hassles of dealing with home oil suppliers, they said, and they disliked the lingering smell of oil and the extra dirt in their basement. They were afraid that the house was somehow unsafe (even though it really wasn’t), and they had nagging guilt about not using a more ecologically friendly solution. On top of all these complaints, the cost of oil was always higher than other fuel options.

The kicker? They had purchased their home about a year earlier and, in an unlucky twist of timing, the system died right before summer.

Now, despite their frustration, these were positive people—my kind of people. They were disappointed that they had an unexpected expense, but happy that they had the opportunity to make a change.  And you know me; I thrive on finding solutions that make people happy!  So I sat down with the family and determined their needs, which included:

  • A cleaner alternative to oil.
  • Sustainable (green) solution.
  • Energy savings.
  • Easy maintenance.

The solution was pretty simple:  Their household was a perfect fit for a geothermal system.

Not familiar with geothermal technology? In a nutshell, this technology takes advantage of the earth’s energy to heat and cool your home. It comes with a long list of perks:

  1. Easy to maintain and longer lasting than traditional systems, the underground pipes have an average lifespan of about 50 years, but are known to last even longer. The heat pump equipment also has greater longevity – generally at least five to eight years more than traditional equipment.
  2. Cost-effective in a number of ways. Geothermal systems can save from 40 to 70 percent on energy each year.  That can translate into a significant amount of money for the home owner.
  3. Although the initial investment to install a geothermal system is much higher than a traditional system, payback can be achieved within 7-8 years. After that, operating costs are quite low.
  4. An alternative to fossil fuel, geothermal is a sustainable energy source—good for the environment, easy on your conscience.
  5. Your home’s landscaping doesn’t have to hide unsightly equipment because geothermal systems are tucked away in the home’s basement, attic or mechanical room.
  6. All you’ll hear are the sounds of nature! There’s none of the usual noise associated with traditional outdoor equipment.
  7. No worries about your equipment getting damaged from bad weather since it’s housed in your home and below the earth.
  8. No possibility of your kids getting hurt from poking their fingers into the equipment.

Like the sound of it? The family did, too, and we ultimately installed a geothermal system in their home.

A year passed, and on one of the hottest days of this summer, I sat down to check my email and was delighted to see an email from them telling me how happy they are with their system.  It kept them warm and toasty all winter long and right now, they’re nice and cool – even during this heat wave.  Best of all, they had said goodbye forever to that oily smell, dirt and hassles!

If you’re interested in learning about alternatives to your current HVAC system in New Hope, PA or the surrounding areas, perhaps we can help you, too.  Just call Cooper Mechanical at 610-228-4405 to learn more about geothermal systems, plus other services like air conditioner unit installation and repairs in the Doylestown, PA area.