You may have noticed by now that the bulk of your energy bills come from heating and cooling, which can leave you tearing your hair out at the end of the month. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Cooper Mechanical, we’re committed to finding you the most cost-effective heating and cooling systems for your home, and we’ve already saved our customers plenty of money with expert HVAC installation in Bucks County and beyond.

Right now, one of our favorite solutions is the fairly recent technology of Wi-Fi thermostats. In addition to being intuitive and user-friendly, high-tech thermostats give you greater control over your home climate and help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. Some systems can help you reduce your heating and cooling bills by 20%.

How do these systems help you save money on your energy bills? Firstly, they allow you a huge range of control over your home climate so that no energy is wasted. Get cold at night? Program your thermostat to keep the house warm as you fall asleep, then let it taper off so you don’t wake up in a sweat. Hot summer day? Instead of cranking the AC all the way down in the hopes that your house cools off more quickly (which doesn’t work and wastes energy), trust your thermostat to gradually transition to a more comfortable temperature.

You can schedule your thermostat to be set for certain temperatures at certain times and, in some cases, “smart” thermostats will learn your temperature preferences so that you don’t even have to think about adjusting them yourself. You’ll come to see how effective your HVAC system really is. Plus, many of these smart thermostats generate reports on your spending and savings so that you can see where you should adjust your energy use.

That’s not all. In addition to giving you full control over your home climate, Wi-Fi thermostats update you on when to change your filter and alert you to extreme temperature changes or system issues, even when you’re out and about.

As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can control your system from any mobile device in the world. This gives you a huge range of freedom that’s not available with conventional thermostats. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you no longer have to be tied to your home in order to monitor your system and adjust temperature, humidity and fan levels.

Wi-Fi and smart thermostats are only in their beginning stages. With further development, who knows how smart they’ll get? Some industry experts suggest that in the near future, you’ll be able to install a climate control system that senses your mood or body temperature and adjusts accordingly. If and when that technology arises, Cooper will be there to let you know and answer all of your questions.

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