Tired and winter-weary?  Don’t worry; spring is finally here, and with it comes spring showers, warmer weather, and…baseball!

But before you start kicking back, relaxing, and watching your favorite team, there are a few maintenance tips and tune-up strategies to make sure your HVAC system and plumbing are in peak condition to run smoothly and efficiently.  Think of it as training camp for your HVAC system.

OK, batter up!

AC System

The Coop has you covered for air conditioner service in Doylestown, so your AC is ready to get in the game when the season starts.  That means a maintenance ‘tune-up’ for the unit and its components.

Check Your Outside Unit

Give it a thorough visual inspection to ensure there’s no damage from winter’s harsh weather or from nesting critters.  If you find any debris or dirt in or around your unit, rinse off the grit and grime.  Also clear the area surrounding it from any yard waste or encroaching weeds or plantings.

Check the Vents and Thermostat

Clear the way for cool air by making sure your rugs and furniture aren’t covering up your vents, impeding your ability to get comfortable.  And please don’t forget, when the time comes for your thermostat to call for cool air, make sure your AC setting is turned ON!

Replace the Air Filters

This is crucial before the start of the AC (and allergy) season.  Who wants to breathe air that hasn’t been sufficiently cleaned due to a dirty air filter?  You and your loved ones can breathe easily with a clean, high quality air filter provided by a reputable HVAC Contractor like Cooper Mechanical.

Time for a ‘Tune-up’

Most importantly, hit a pre-season home run by scheduling an appointment for air conditioner maintenance in New Hope and the surrounding areas in and around Bucks County.  Let a certified professional perform preventative maintenance on your AC unit and its components.  This will help your system to function at its best all season long.

On Deck, Your Plumbing System.

Fix Potential Issues Now

Have you noticed any drips coming from one of your faucets?  Is your toilet making that “running” sound?  Is the water draining very slowly down your shower drain?  Do you ever actually look at the pipes in your home?

Take it from the Coop, treat your home to a whole house plumbing inspection.  Let a professional inspect your pipes, equipment, and plumbing fixtures for signs of water leaks, clogs, unusual sounds, and other signs of potential trouble.

Utilizing these strategies can help make your summer experience a home run.  Don’t strike out by being unprepared for the hot and sticky weather coming soon.

Call Cooper Mechanical today to schedule a preventative maintenance visit for your AC and Plumbing Systems so you’re ready to PLAY BALL!

To schedule an appointment, or for air conditioner maintenance in Bucks County and the surrounding areas, call 610-228-4405 or visit  our website.