Last night I watched the season premiere of my favorite TV show.  I was surprised at the number of holiday-themed commercials that I had to wade thru while watching it.  After all, it’s only September!  Annoying?  Yes, but it did make me think about the projects that I’d like to complete around the house before the holiday season starts.  I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than the aroma of pumpkin spice wafting in the air, delicious turkey and mashed potatoes in my belly, and sugar plum fairies dancing in my head.  I want to enjoy every minute of this upcoming season, don’t you?

Take it from the Coop, you could drive yourself crazy thinking about all the projects you’d like to accomplish before the holiday season.  Do yourself a favor and start your preparations early by prioritizing a few special projects that are most important to you and then completing them in plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. To help you begin, I’ve compiled my own To-Do List – perhaps this will give you motivation to get started on yours.

  • Fix the heating and cooling issue in my guest room. Like many people, my home office doubles as a guest room.  It is located above the garage and is either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.  I’ll make an appointment with Matt, our Comfort Consultant here at Cooper Mechanical, to get his opinion on how to fix this problem. My out-of-town guests will sleep far more comfortably in a cozy room during their stay, and I’ll find a remedy for my own discomfort once and for all.
  • Unclog the shower drain. Recently, my daughter complained that the shower drains too slowly in our 2nd floor bathroom.  (With her long hair, I’m not surprised the shower drain is clogged!)  Since I’m a master plumber that should be a pretty simple task.  While I’m at it, I’ll take a close look at my other plumbing fixtures and piping to see whether there’s any other plumbing repair that I should address before it becomes a problem.
  • Replace the kitchen faucet. This past summer, we replaced our old refrigerator and dishwasher with brand new high efficiency equipment that look very sleek. My wife and I will continue the remodeling process by visiting Cooper Mechanical’s Plumbing Showroom and selecting an updated, brushed stainless faucet.
  • Paint the foyer. My foyer needs a fresh coat of paint and so does my hallway. I’m a lousy painter so I need to call a professional and get on his schedule pronto.
  • Clean the carpet The carpets throughout my house are beginning to look a little dinghy.  I’m going to rent a carpet cleaner from my local supermarket and tackle that job myself.


So, those are my top 5. How about you – what’s on your list?   If you need our help implementing your high priority projects this fall, simply call Cooper Mechanical.  We’d be happy to roll-up our sleeves and help you get ready for the holidays!  Simply call 610-228-4405.