It would be nearly impossible to heat and cool your home without a working HVAC system. Yet, there are some homeowners who neglect their HVAC equipment because they don’t realize the benefits, resulting in less effective and low-performing systems. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a way to have your system routinely cared for so that it was tuned-up and ready to go when you need it?  Well, there is and that’s exactly why preventative maintenance agreements were created.

But is an HVAC service contract worth it? Take it from the Coop – absolutely! Here’s an overview of preventative maintenance agreements and four key benefits they offer homeowners.

What Are Preventative Maintenance Contracts?

Before reviewing the benefits of having a preventative maintenance contract, let’s review what they are. A maintenance agreement allows homeowners to pay a fee to have their HVAC system checked annually by a professional. During this scheduled appointment, the HVAC technician will perform an inspection to ensure all aspects of your air conditioning or heating systems are working exactly as they should. They’ll clean any components that have grown dirty and notify you of any parts that are in need of repair.  With your approval, they’ll fix any issues at a discounted rate (another key benefit of a preventative maintenance plan) and ultimately tell you the general condition of your system, particularly as your equipment begins to get older.

Is an HVAC Service Contract Worth It? Here Are Four Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Services!

Better Energy Efficiency

When you have an efficient HVAC system, you’ll waste less energy heating and cooling your home. HVAC units in good condition won’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired temperatures. Having a preventative maintenance contract ensures your system receives the necessary maintenance to function at its best and be as energy efficient as possible.

Increased Longevity

If there’s one faulty component in your HVAC unit, it can place strain on the other parts. This increases wear and tear, meaning that your system could require expensive repairs or may need to be replaced sooner than you might expect. That’s why the better maintained your system is, the longer it will probably last. In some cases, well-maintained HVAC units can even last years longer than one that is neglected.

Less Breakdown Risk

Homeowners have an estimated 48% chance of experiencing an HVAC breakdown during its lifetime—however, that percentage only includes those who don’t have a maintenance plan. For individuals with a preventative maintenance agreement, the risk of a breakdown is much smaller!  Homeowners who don’t want to deal with a costly breakdown should sign up for a preventative maintenance contract. An HVAC technician has the ability to identify small problems and correct them before they worsen, preventing an expensive emergency repair later.

Save Money

The benefits of preventative maintenance agreements all have one trait: they’ll help you save money. Energy efficient HVAC systems result in less expensive energy bills, and not having to repair or replace your unit will cut costs in the long run. Signing up for preventative maintenance contracts will help keep your home comfortable and easier to maintain financially.

If you’re looking for a business that provides preventative maintenance plans, then we’ll be happy to help. Cooper Mechanical offers preventative maintenance agreements for cooling and heating in Bucks County, PA, along with plumbing preventative maintenance plans, as well as plumbing installation services and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC services and to sign up for your preventative maintenance agreement.