This year, Cooper Mechanical turned 40 (although we’ll leave it to you to guess how old the Coop is). Our 40th year in business has been a cause for celebration in more ways than one. Throughout the year, our customers and peers alike have honored us with countless reminders that not only have we worked hard to establish a plumbing, heating & cooling company that offers superior heating repair, AC installation, expert plumbing and the like in Bucks County, but we have also become an entrenched member of our community. Most of our customers enlist our help year after year, and we consider them part of the family.

Recently, US Builders Review recognized our accomplishments in a case study featured in their October issue. Keep reading to learn how we got this far, why we love and it and where we’re going.

A Solid Foundation – Forty years is a long time for a plumbing and HVAC business to stick around. For our longevity, we have our founders to thank. Lou Cooper Sr. and Geraldine Cooper started Cooper Mechanical with the simple but challenging intention of offering superior plumbing and HVAC installation and repair combined with the friendly, familiar customer service we’re known for. Now, Lou Jr. and Vicki, their children, are in charge of day-to-day operations. While they’ve integrated the latest technology into our business practices and expanded our range of service, they never stray from the fundamental philosophy with which our plumbing and heater repair service in Bucks County humbly began.

Dedication to Customers – The Coop might not reveal his age any time soon, but I can tell you one thing – I’ve been around for a while, and so has everyone else at Cooper Mechanical. Ask any of our staff how long they’ve been around, and don’t be surprised if they tell you they’ve worked for Cooper for 20 or even 30 years. We know that only the right people can make the right business, which is why our staff is continuously trained on new technologies, safety, building codes and how to take care of customers like family.

A Love of New (and Old) Projects – How do we stay so up-to-date on new plumbing and HVAC solutions? First-hand experience. Our projects range from new construction, including renovations and additions, to replacements and simple repairs. Continuously meeting the demands of modern design and building codes means we’re always able to deliver cutting edge solutions. On the flip side, Cooper is also known for our historical renovations and restorations. Working with buildings constructed originally without modern technology pushes us to engage with our creativity – meaning we strive to integrate new, high-tech solutions into historically significant structures, resulting in a functional yet elegant solution.

We’d like to thank US Builders Review for spreading the word about our story. Above all, however, we’d like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunities to learn, grow and carry on the legacy we started 40 years ago.

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