Since April is traditionally the month most often associated with “Spring Cleaning” here are my top ten tasks that are easy to forget but important to do at least one or more times a year. Roll up your sleeves, open some windows and breathe the fresh air. Then, tune-in to your favorite playlist and give your home some extra love!  Here goes:

  • The #1 task on my list each spring is to “tune-up” my AC system. Take it from The Coop, there’s nothing worse than your AC dying in the middle of a heat wave.  What’s more, you surely won’t want to do the 9 other things on this list if you’re hot and sweaty!  Call a professional heating and cooling contractor like Cooper Mechanical to inspect your equipment and make sure you’re ready for the season. Preventative maintenance will minimize potential ac repairs and breakdowns, increase the lifespan of your system, and decrease energy costs.
  • Dust your whole house – I mean everything! That goes for ceiling fans which gather all sorts of gunk on the blades over the winter season, under beds and behind furniture.  Wipe down the air vents, returns, and grilles connected to your duct work as dirt tends to gather here, limiting air flow.  Hopefully, you’ve invested in a duster with a telescopic handle for hard-to-reach places like hanging lighting fixtures, plant shelves, door jams, and way up in the corners of ceilings where cobwebs lurk.
  • Vacuum your floors, but don’t stop there. Vacuum upholstery and drapes that can’t be easily laundered, and very importantly, don’t forget to vacuum the coils of your refrigerator located on the back or the bottom of the appliance.  Be sure to vacuum the inside of your cabinets, too.  I don’t know how dirt and other particulates get in there, but it’s up to you to clean it. Then, vacuum your mattress and spot clean, if necessary.  While you’re at it, turn your mattress so it wears evenly and you sleep more comfortably.
  • Shampoo your carpet once a year or more, particularly if you have pets, to keep it fresh and to extend its life.
  • Washing your windows and screens may seem like a lot of work, but the resulting views will be so much brighter and clearer.
  • When was the last time you washed your pillow and comforter? Think of all the sweat, grime, and residue covering it.  Yuck!
  • Disinfect your computer’s sticky keyboard and mouse according to the manufacturers’ directions.
  • Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your washing machine and dishwasher by sanitizing these appliances.
  • Reseal your granite and the grout lines of your tile so they’re protected from water, stains and household dirt and grime.
  • Last but not least, properly dispose of outdated medicine and secure all prescription meds in an appropriate location.

Once you’re finished, give yourself a pat on the back, and start tackling the yard.  Ahhh, home ownership!